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Imaginal Richness and Outer Wealth

"HE WHO POSSESSES THE WORLD BUT NOT ITS IMAGE POSSESSES ONLY HALF OF THE WORLD, SINCE HIS SOUL IS POOR AND HAS NOTHING. THE WEALTH OF THE SOUL EXIST IN IMAGES. HE WHO POSSESSES THE IMAGE OF THE WORLD POSSESSES HALF OF THE WORLD, EVEN IF HIS HUMANITY IS POOR AND OWNS NOTHING" (Jung). When we close our eyes and look within, we usually see images. These images, like those of dreams, reveal to us the richness of our souls. Then, let us water and cultivate the rainbow of images that flow from within us and, eventually, create a balance between material wealth and inner richness. Unfortunately, there has been an imbalance in favor of outer wealth and a disregard of Soul's imaginal richness. What images and dreams come to your consciousness? I would love to hear from you.

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