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Synchronicity and the Adversities in Life

"THE FATE OF THE INDIVIDUAL IS LARGELY DEPENDENT ON UNCONSCIOUS FACTORS" (Jung). External events are connected to our inner lives, and this connection is best explained by the law of synchronicity, which is different from the law of causality. It seems that psyche (our unconscious lives) and matter (outer physical events) are connected at the deepest level within our unconscious lives, thanks to the fact that archetypes have a psychic/spirit (or psychological dimension) pole and material pole at the deepest layer in our unconscious. The spirit and material poles of the archetypes form a continuum spectrum. Therefore, if there is a persistent, systematic, and profoundly unresolved psychological issue that has not been made conscious by us, this unresolved psychological issue will appear as a concrete, material, and external event. Because we could not deal with issue in its psychological form, then, it will appear outwardly, clothed as an external event, as fate. It is then, unfortunately, that human beings begin to complaint, renege, or curse their outer fate (i.e., tragedies, misfortunes, losses, etc), rather than understanding the "meaningful coincidence" between our inner lives and outer events, and without becoming a victim of guilt and/or shame. Have you noticed lately any synchronicity in your life?

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