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     Early in my professional career, I met a curious, dedicated, and warm young woman who was going through difficult times. Initially she was nervous when we met. She did not know specifically how her life may change as a result of therapy. Neither did I.

   She felt depressed often and also anxious. As we continued meeting, she felt more comfortable and courageously told me, that she felt hopeless, stuck in life, very confused, and full of worries. 

   Little by little, as she looked within during our work together, her life began to change. She became more assertive, and clearer in her options and goals in her professional and personal life. Likewise, her relationships with others became more satisfying and stable. She was significantly less depressed and anxious, and as she said to me almost at the end of our work together, "I feel happier with myself and in life now than when I met you the first time."

     I have practiced professionally for 31 years, and I have found so much meaning and joy in my call to help people. I am a licensed psychotherapist who holds a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. Also, I am a bilingual (Spanish) and a culturally-sensitive Jungian Analyst, and I feel privileged and honored when people call me to seek help. That is why I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Dr. Freddie Taborda, LCPC, PSY.D

(773) 988-9153.

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