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The Synchronicity of Life

"WHEN YOUR INNER WORLD COMES INTO ORDER, YOUR OUTER WORLD WILL COME INTO ORDER" (I CHING). The I Ching or The Book of Changes describes the synchronistic relationship between our inner lives and the outside world. It seems that, when we are consciously embracing and affirming the deepest aspects of our souls, which are manifested visually in our dreams, a meaningful coincidence of 'doors opening up', of 'favorable events' taking place, of 'things going well' begin to take place. When we do our part (not from an ego perspective), the Universe does its part because the 'spirit pole' of the archetype vibrates the 'matter pole of the archetypes in the psychoid layer, thanks to the Law of Synchronicity that Jung (1951/1952) aptly described. Let us cultivate the relationship with our inner lives as decisively as we can, knowing how difficult it is to do so, and hope for synchronistic events in our lives. What do you think? Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

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