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The Other: The Mirror of Our Interior Life.

"EVERYTHING THAT IRRITATES US ABOUT OTHERS CAN LEAD US TO AN UNDERSTANDING OF OURSELVES" (Jung). Today, I noticed that I felt fear and intense apprehension when I heard about the mistakes that two acquaintances made. According to Jung, when we experience an intense affect, whether it is anger, fear, intense joy, etc, there is a good possibility that an external experience or person has activated an "unresolved issue" in us. A friend, a coworker, a family member, or an unknown person can say or do something that bother (or delight) us intensely; at these times, therefore, we can say that "this other irritating or exciting person" is in us and that we are unconscious of it. Then, if we ask ourselves what similar traits we share with this "irritating or exciting" person, we may humbly become aware of those "similar traits" that we were unconscious of in ourselves, which will "lead us to a understanding of ourselves." It is humbling. Has it happened to you? I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you

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