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Humility in the Process of Becoming

"IT IS UNCLEAR HOW GREAT ONE'S HUMILITY MUST BE TO TAKE IT UPON ONESELF TO LIVE ONE'S OWN LIFE" (Jung). Oh, My! Despite the sense of fulfillment and meaning that one experiences after embracing and integrating essential aspects of one's own life, our ego still hesitates, rejects, or walks away from our inner life. It is difficult to recognize and accept fully that, in addition to our consciousness, there is an unconscious or "someone else inside of us" that we must come to terms with, and this is humbling because, most of the time, the inner life is wiser than conscious opinions and perspectives. We will find all possible justifications, rationalizations, and excuses to maintain the primacy of our ego, rather than coming to terms with the life that wants to blossom from within us. Have you had a such experience ? I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

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