"God is a contradiction in terms; therefore, he needs man in order to be made One...God is an ailment man has to cure." (Jung)

According to Jung, there is a fragment of God in each of us, and that divine fragment contains opposites. While Christianity has exclusively understood God as 'goodness', Jung psychologically observed that God within us contains opposites (i.e., good and evil, for example). Christianity’s metaphysical perception of God and Jung's psychological view of God within do not coincide. A closer look at God within reveals, as Jung observed that, inwardly, God is sometimes unconscious of His own darkness and of His own dual nature. In other words, at times, He is unaware of his cruelty and evil side; at other times, He is aware of his benevolence and just attitude. This is God’s ailment. In order to reach a greater level of consciousness, God within needs the help of man’s ego. Human beings are able to cure Him: to the extent that human beings look within, and bring to consciousness the different aspects/opposites of God within us, then, He becomes more conscious and, in such process, also, each of us become more conscious of our unconscious life.

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