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Compassion and the Alchemy of Healing and Transformation.

"THE FOCUSING OF ATTENTION ON THE CENTER...AND THE WARNING ABOUT "RUNNING AWAY" HAVE CLEAR PARALLELS IN THE OPUS ALCHYMICUM: THE NEED TO CONCENTRATE IN THE WORK AND TO MEDITATE UPON IT IS STRESSED AGAIN AND AGAIN. THE TENDENCY TO RUN AWAY, HOWEVER, IS ATTRIBUTED NOT TO THE OPERATOR BUT TO THE TRANSFORMING SUBSTANCE. THE VESSEL MUST BE WELL SEALED SO THAT WHAT IS WITHIN MAY NOT ESCAPE" (Jung). It is helpful to remember that the process of healing and psychological transformation is exceedingly difficult. The process itself is heroic in the sense that it will demand amazing courage, profound honesty, relentless determination, vigorous concentration, and endless sense of humor. Therefore, if we stumble, avoid, or run away from the process, let it be known that it is because of the inherent difficulties of the process of healing and transformation. Then, compassion toward ourselves is key.

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